Amazon affiliate localizer comparison

Flovidy vs EasyAzon vs BestAzon vs vs AAWP

In case you don't know, a link localizer changes the Amazon affiliate links based on the location of the visitor. This means that a visitor from the UK will be sent to the UK Amazon store and a visitor from Germany to the German Amazon store. This way, you will be able to make more money without doing anything extra.

So, you say you are starting or already have an Amazon affiliate blog and want to know which localizer plug-in is best for you? Well, read on! We have put a lot of time and effort into this comparison, so you can pick the right Amazon affiliate localizer plug-in for your needs.

A quick overview: the localizers

For this comparison, we compared the most popular popular Amazon affiliate localizers. They are:

Flovidy: Flovidy is a WordPress plug-in that will localize all links for you. This plug-in is completely hands-off and works with caching plug-ins.

EasyAzon: EasyAzon is a WordPress plug-in that localizes all links that have been created with the EasyAzon shortcodes. This is the only plug-in that offers more than only link localizing.

BestAzon: BestAzon has a plug-in, but it works mainly through their website. It localizes the URL on visitor’s end and will redirect them to it. has a plug-in, but it works the same way as BestAzon does. It localizes the URL at the user’s end. It provides more than just localizing Amazon URLs—it also localizes iTunes URLs, for example.

AAWP: AAWP is a WordPress plug-in that is best comparable to EasyAzon. It has a lot of features and can be customized. It's more than just a localizer.

Here is a quick overview of what each plug-in can do and how it does it (further explanation underneath):

Flovidy EasyAzon BestAzon AAWP
Standalone or routing traffic? Standalone Standalone Routing traffic Routing traffic Standalone
Works with existing links? Yes No Yes Yes No
Works with links? Yes No Yes Yes No
Create shopping carts? Yes Yes No Yes No
Payment Free! One time Monthly Monthly One time
Relies on Amazon API No Yes No No yes
Focus on localizing? Yes No Yes Yes No

Standalone or routing traffic?

This means that your direct Amazon affiliate links will be replaced by links that will link to a server from the link localizer plug-in. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but there are a few things you should consider here. First of all, what happens when one of the servers crashes or shuts down? Your visitors will be sent to dead links.

You can't control what happens with the traffic that you send to the link, which could result in a decrease of affiliate income.

Works with existing links?

If you have a blog with Amazon affiliate links in it but haven't installed a localizer, you will likely have to replace every link with a link or shortcode from the localizer. This can be a lot of work, and you will be 'locked in' by the affiliate localizer. It won't be easy to get out after you do this. Flovidy, BestAzon and do not do this. They will change your links, while they are still the normal links in the articles.

Flovidy and BestAzon support the short version links ( as well.

Creates shopping carts?

Shopping carts are links that contain multiple products. A visitor only has to click on 'add to cart' and all items will be added to their cart. Amazon will also place a 90-day cookie instead of the standard 24 hours. Only Flovidy, Genius and EasyAzon support this feature. With all plug-ins, the shopping cart will be localized as well.


The payment options and pricing will likely not be the biggest hurdle, as the plug-in will pay itself back if you get a bit of decent traffic that converts. Though, I still wanted to point this out here. EasyAzon and AAWP offer a one-time payment. One thing I should mention here is that all both have maintenance plans. This means you will have to pay to keep them up to date. EasyAzon works with big new versions (currently at version 4), AAWP and Flovidy work with smaller updates throughout the year. and BestAzon work with a subscription, which isn't odd, as they route the traffic through their servers. That's something they need to pay for each month as well.

Flovidy is free. It used to be a paid plugin, but it has been made open source. This means that updates won't be made as often, but it also doesn't cost you anything to use it.

Relies on Amazon API?

EasyAzon and AAWP need the Amazon API to get their links. This means you will have to sign up for it and connect it to WordPress plug-in. This takes a bit of work to set up, but it should be OK when it is finished.

Focus on localizing?

EasyAzon and AAWP are bigger plug-ins that do more than just localizing plug-ins. Depending on what you need, this could be a good thing. Though, in some cases, this could also slow down your website. If you need a simpler solution that doesn't put a lot of pressure on WordPress, then one of the others might be a better fit.


All five plug-ins do what they should do: localize the Amazon affiliate links on your WordPress website to make more commission. Though, there are some significant differences between them, which need to be evaluated carefully. Hopefully this comparison helps you make the right choice.