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Do you know that your US Amazon affiliate links will only bring you commissions if the visitor lives in the United States?

Flovidy is a Wordpress plugin that will change your affiliate links based on your visitor's location. Start earning commission from all around the world!

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Install the plugin

Just upload the plugin to your Wordpress environment and activate it.


Add your affiliate tags

Simply add your affiliate tags on the settings page.



That's all! All links will be changed now based on where the visitor is from.


Your sales right now.

You are losing out on a lot of commission. As you can see you are only making sales within the USA.
How many visitors do you get outside of the USA?

Every visitor could have bought something on Amazon. Localizing the Amazon links will guide everyone to their local Amazon store.


More sales - more commission

With Flovidy, all Amazon links will be localized to the visitor's location. Meaning that a visitor from the UK will be sent to the UK Amazon store and a visitor from Germany to the German Amazon store.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Flovidy? How does it work, exactly?

    Whenever you run a blog (or another website) that uses Amazon affiliate links, you get revenue via USA-based visitors purchasing products through those links, using your associate's ID. However, what happens when someone from, say, the UK clicks one of your associate's links? They are redirected to Amazon's USA storefront, preventing you from getting a commission as they only buy from the UK Amazon store.

    With Flovidy (in this example), all you would have to do is enter your Amazon UK Associate ID into the plugin's settings one time, and every single Amazon affiliate link on your site will redirect users to the proper store - with your UK affiliate link attached, earning you additional revenue without requiring additional effort.

  • Will you take any commission from me?

    We will never take any commission from you. We don't even know how many people click on your links or how much you earn. The plugin will run standalone on your website, and we will never be able to touch your affiliate codes.

  • How do I install this plugin?

    Go to your Plugins section in your WordPress dashboard. Click on 'Add plugin' and upload the file we sent you. Hold on a few minutes so it can install, then go to settings -> Flovidy. There is a small box with a 'license' label. Enter your license there. Then also add the referral links. The USA referral code is a must.

  • Does this work with my caching plugin?

    Yes, it will work with any caching plugin.

  • Will this work on any site?

    No, this will only work on Wordpress powered websites with USA store Amazon links.

  • Will this work with links?

    Those will work as long as they refer to the USA store with the referral code in it.

  • How do I contact support?

    You can send an email to In most cases, we will reply within 24 hours.

  • Does this violate the Amazon Associates TOS?

    No, it does not. The plugin does not cloak links or violate any of the Associate policies whatsoever.

  • How can I create 'add to cart' links?

    Just paste all Amazon links after each other separated by a semicolon. Be careful to not use spaces in between, and only normal Amazon links will work. is not supported for shopping carts. Example:;

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